Im baaaaaccccccckkkk.

right off the bat: that was a doozy of  summer and hallelujah for school. People like to complain about public school these days, not me. I praise every underpaid, underappreciated, undervalued teacher out there. ill volunteer when you need me to, and join the pta. I will buy extra snacks and tissues, and sing your praises to everyone that will listen in exchange for 7.5hrs of silence 5 days a week.  god bless you guys, for real. FOR. REAL.

The last post was pretty heavy. I posted it here, and i shared it on my personal page, as well as a mama group im in. Not because im an attention whore, but because I wanted people to recognize how important it is to make You a priority. 100% of the messages were positive. 100% said they were glad the babe was safe. Nearly 75% publicly or privately messaged me to tell me i was brave for sharing my story and admitting this “almost nightmare”.

you guys. i take issue with this. not because of the well wishes, they always make me feel warm and fuzzy. rather, because parents feel like it’s taboo to admit our faults these days. To admit our missteps and mistakes seems like admitting absolute failure and that’s just not the case.

I am not brave. I am a parent that is 2 parts confident and 1 part scared shitless most of the time. (those numbers fluctuate, btw). I am not a pinterest mom, i dont even have theme parties for my kids. A friend of mine asked about my sons birthday theme this summer, and I said, “frazzled mom”. That’s the best I had.

We are imperfect inside and out. the post was about imperfection, about a mistake. If you feel like me admitting that one thing was brave, hold on to your hats, and bust out your purple hearts, folks. listen in on a conversation i have with my friends away from the public interwebs. especially a girls night out over some beers. i have no problem saying i screwed up, or that the kids were being buttholes, or that *I* was being a butthole, or both. I admit defeat to screens a handful of times because I’m selfish and want silence.

Its not brave to make mistakes, be an imperfect parent, and admit to both: its simply admitting that we are human. With social media all around us, its hard to not to always feel like you must be “on”, but that’s crazy. Its easy to judge people while you sit behind a screen, but rise above this. We all need to start sharing our less-than-stellar parenting moments, and we all need to hop off our high horses and say, “I feel ya. Hang in there” or even, “can I help” rather than wagging our fingers and judging for the sake of judging.

So. What’s your less than stellar parenting moment of the week? Mine? I was holding my kids (2yrs) hand in the parking lot last night while he screamed “no!” I was tuning him out, because he’s 2 and hates holding hands in the parking lot. He finally yelled, “mommy heeeellllppp!” I looked down, and his pants had fallen down. He was walking down the parking lot with his shorts at his ankles while I sang Duran Duran in my head. Ahhhhh, life. Your turn!